Beaverhead Brewing Company is owned and operated by Brett Maki.

Brett was born and raised in Dillon.  His brewing career started in Seattle in 2001 with a homebrew kit his wife purchased for him for his birthday, three short months later he found himself working for Pyramid Brewery in Seattle, making soda, driving forklift, and washing tanks.  There he learned the trade of cellar work and brewing beer.

When Pyramid closed its doors in Seattle, Brett moved on to work for a small brewery in south Seattle.  He soon became head brewer and was put in charge of training new employees and developing new beers.

In 2011 he and his family moved back to Dillon, there the town needed a brewer and Brett needed a brewery.

The name for Beaverhead Brewing Company comes from the original brewery in Dillon which operated in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  Little is known about the original Beaverhead Brewery (Dillon Brewery) but newspaper clipping mention it was regarded as making the “Finest Beer.”  Owned and operated at one time by Henry Burfiend and his brother, the Brewery closed in 1919 at the start of Prohibition.  The Brewery was located on the south side of Dillon near where the medical clinic is located today.