these gems find their way on to a tap handle at various times throughout the year


ABV 4.7%

IBUs 25

Our summer ale is a light pale ale that is brewed for our hot summer days. Named after the popular Yellow Sally fly that has tempted many a trout on the Beaverhead & Big Hole rivers. Cool, crisp, refreshing: catch one after an epic day on the river.

ABV 4.8%

IBUs 15

A fun beer that is easy drinking with a bright golden color, balanced with a light hop bitterness.  Named for Henry Plummer the sheriff of Bannack during the gold rush who was eventually hanged on January 10, 1864. If he had stumbled across this golden ale, maybe history would be different.

ABV 5.8%

IBUs 35

This beer is for those who love a hint of chocolate flavor in their beer.  We brew this beer to be smooth with a well-rounded mouth feel intended for those who like smooth dark beers.

ABV 6.1%

IBUs 38

We use lager yeast for this beer to give it a smoother flavor and mouth feel.  This beer is malt driven with a dry finish giving it the perfect balance of malt and hops.  This is an easy drinking dark beer that will make you want to enjoy it all year around.


Dawg Red Ale

ABV 7.8%

IBUs 40

Done at the beginning and end of Montana Western's school year, is heavy on the malt, using a special red-x variety.  It gives the beer a red-ish copper finish.  Cascades complete the hop profile.  A robust malty beer with a dry finish

Terminus Oktoberfest

ABV 6.0%

IBUs 25

The original name of Dillon, MT because the railroad track terminated here in our fair city.  This traditional Vienna style lager marks the end of the summer with a rich, toasted malt aroma and smooth malt flavor, counterbalanced with a clean bitterness of German hops.  Brewed using the traditional cold fermentation technique of the original German style lagers.  Goes great with a plate of schnitzel and spaetzle.  Prost!